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Barbados is a coral island different from many of the volcanic islands of the Caribbean  Its beaches are made of beautiful white sand and its drinking water is filtered naturally by the coral make up of the island. Its telecommunications network, banking network and healthcare system are excellent. There are a multitude of historic and scenic places to visit from the rugged beauty of  the North Point to St Nicholas Abbey, an active rum distillery still making rum using traditional methods. Entertainment is plentiful as is fine dining. There are many things to do including sporting events, festivals, the horse races, polo, day cruises on the water, and fishing expeditions. There are many great places to cycle especially in the north of the island and there are wonderful places to hike across Barbados.

The daytime high temperatures in Barbados range between 28 - 31 degrees celsius (82 - 88 Fahrenheit) all year round. There is usually a cooling breeze off the sea keeping you quite comfortable. The Barbadian people, known as Bajans, are also known for their friendly, easygoing nature. Barbados was granted full independence from Britain in 1966, and became a republic in 2021. However it still maintains close ties with Britain and is a member of the Commonwealth.​

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